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About Us

The National Sparc Champions League is the world’s first virtual professional sports league. All the athleticism required to play a traditional sport with an intensity that is only possible in virtual reality. The NSCL represents the future of professional sports. The same passion, excitement, and drama that viewers know and love with sports, with no risk of brain injury. A professional sport where size doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, and age doesn’t matter. A professional sport where the only things that determine the outcome is the player’s skill, technique, and emotion.  The future of professional sports looks exciting, and The National Sparc Champions League is leading the movement – bridging the gap between traditional sports and e-Sports, one strike at a time.

Core Values


Our fans, our players, and all our supporters are family. No matter how much we accomplish, no matter how successful we are, no one is worth more than another and no one is bigger than the game. Everything we do has a consequence for someone else. We embrace our interdependence. We humbly strive to make our fans, our players, our supporters, and our communities proud and better.



We always look to make the right call. We do the right thing when no one is looking, and even if it's unpopular when they are. We demand accountability and we expect fair play. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and always follow through. We accept responsibility when we get things wrong and then work to make them right.



Everyone matters. Everyone contributes. We embrace all people for who they are regardless of status, title or background. We celebrate diverse opinions and perspectives. We honor hard work and commitment. Every contribution makes us better.



We set high standards, and continuously strive for excellence. Anything is possible. No matter how great the obstacles, we overcome adversity. We turn losses into lessons. We adapt to changing circumstances and lead in new contexts. We embrace the greatest challenges and rise to meet them. We are the future, and the future looks incredible.



Meet The Team

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James Lyons, PhD., MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

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A scientist and entrepreneur by day, and Sparc enthusiast by night, Dr. Lyons is leading the movement to change the future of professional sports. Through various start-up ventures in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Dr. Lyons brings the business expertise necessary to help the NSCL grow and thrive. 

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, a PhD. in Molecular Physiology from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and a Master of Business Administration from The University of North Carolina Kenan-Flgalger Business School.

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A millennial from upstate NY, and one of the earliest adopters of Sparc VR, Connor is our resident Sparc expert -learning the game directly from the developers of Sparc VR.  Nicknamed the "Master of Games", Connor is the lead official for all NSCL matches and is in charge of NSCL operations and player management. 


He holds an Associate's degree in Business Administration from Hudson Valley Community College - School of Business, and  has significant experience in a variety of administrative roles. 

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An aspiring chemical engineer and voice over artist, Brendan is the voice of the NSCL. Significant experience as an announcer and commentator for the rapidly growing world of marble sports, Brendan is the play-by-play commentator for all NSCL matches and events.  Brendan also hosts the Marble Sports Worldwide Podcast. 

He recently graduated and is on his journey into Chemical Engineer at Northwestern University. 

Connor Strock

Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Brendan Pearson


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